Why Our Art Matters

John Green made a fabulous video about artists and their work today using the metaphor of the world’s largest ball of paint. I let him tell the story:

He said we might put all our energy into painting that one layer, and making it the most beautiful, only for it to be painted over by others. In the end, our layer of paint did contribute to the size of the ball, to its magnificence. There will be people remembering how we painted that one layer. One day, they will be gone as well. The artwork remains.

As artists we spend a lot of time wondering about if it matters what we do. Certainly through the blog I have shared my work with more people than I would have ever imagined. But even this is temporary. At only a few years old I did a lot of arts and crafts. I loved that. I always glued pieces of paper together and drew on them. That was my art. It is probably tucked away in some box I will never find again. But it contributed to the ball of paint that is my life. Five years ago I started drawing portraits and I still have these first sketches in a binder. Another layer on the ball of paint. Now my artwork is a lot better than those old sketches. I have painted over the old layers. All this time invested contributed thin layers.

If we see our development as artists like that, no perceived failure will ever trouble us again. Because they are all just lumps and bumps in a layer of paint we will soon go over with another colour. We might decide that we don’t like this ball anymore and start a new one. We might glue some paper onto it. We might write some verses on it. But with everything we do, it grows. We grow.

We also spend some time discussing the inevitable question in our head: Are we really undiscovered geniuses or are we just normal human beings thinking too much? Can we really ever know? Is it important?

What do we want our art to do for ourselves? Do we want to be recognised in the streets for our artwork? Do we want to appear in fancy magazines? Do we want our art to sustain our lives? Or do we want to make people happy, make them think, bring them joy? Do we want to send a powerful message? When we pose these questions we will know what we expect from the world. What the world can expect from us.

A genius can work silently in their studio day after day, from dawn to dusk. A genius can get up at 4 in the morning to cram in some extra hours of painting before the day job, only to come home at night exhausted and tired. A genius can get up at 12, write for ten minutes, eat ice cream the whole day, and go to bed five hours later. A genius might have picked up ballet dancing at forty years old and be amazing, despite everything everyone ever told them. We are all geniuses in our own way. We make it work. We struggle through insecurities. Through self-hate. Through doubt. Through anger at ourselves and our equipment. At unsaved documents. At word counts that won’t grow. We will curse our writer’s block and the muse that has left us. We will curse ourselves most often. That is just part of the process. We go on anyway because we have to. We are artists.

Whatever you might want to create today, know, that it will count. It will count for your own development, your growth. It will count for the world. It will count for the large ball of paint that is our culture, and our common humanity. We have always created something to make life more beautiful. We have always used art as a means for communication, to express our wonder about the world. These are challenging times we live in – let your art tell the story of this time. Use it to create even more. Art is what connects us on a much deeper level and this connection is what we need right now. There is so much division, hate, and fear out there. Let’s work on the beautiful ball of paint together that is our planet Earth.

In which way are you an artist genius? Let’s have a little chat in the comments!


Sweet Little Dodie

I drew another portrait of Dodie Clark!! She’s so adorable and talented and cute ❤
You should really check her out on YouTube: Doddleoddle!


The photographer who shot this beautiful portrait of her loved my work, isn’t that wonderful? 😇


Truly Scrumptious

Carrie Hope Fletcher now plays in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and she looks just gorgeous, I had to draw her!

truly scrumptious

Ingrid Nilsen

I’m back, I’m making art again! Thanks to all of your lovely tips and comments, I feel a lot better and sat down last night starting this little drawing of youtuber Ingrid Nilsen. Isn’t she adorable?

Some exciting news: I’m making a ‘How to’ series about some art supplies. If you have wishes or suggestions just leave them in the comments so I can talk about them 🙂

ingrid nilsen

Advent Calendar: 22nd

It’s not Christmas yet but I thought I could send a little wish to all of the Nerdfighters out there (and to everyone else, too of course 😀  )

Have a wonderful Christmas and DFTBA!

Lot of inside jokes and it took me ages to paint this with photoshop… But I did it, my first big digital artwork. It’s so great!!


nerdfighteriaand Hank Green retweeted it!!!! OMG, there are so many people who liked it and I’m freaking out a bit at the moment, it’s amazing…

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 16.53.31

Advent Calendar: 12th

Helloo and happy Project for Awesome! It’s this time of the year again and I really love it. Such a good thing and the livestream is amazing. So many cool people, Hank and John Green, Hannah, this morning Charlie and Jimmy… Here’s the link if you are curious. It’s an annual charity promoting event, people make videos and donate money to charities and vote for them to distribute the donations.


Here’s a little drawing of Charlie with cat whiskers for you 😉charlie


Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle)

This sweet woman is Youtuber Dodie Clark, also known as Doddleoddle. She does covers of songs and also made some really amazing originial songs I love. (Listen to ‘Adored By Him’, it’s so beautiful!)


And now I drew a portrait of her! These little flowers are too cute 🙂

dodie clark

AAAAAnnnnnd she answered to me!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 20.35.28