3 Years in Cottbus: Here Are 10 Places I Loved

I’ve lived in Cottbus for three years to do my bachelors, from October 2015 to July 2018. Now I’m back home and preparing for the next city to live in: Uppsala. But it’s always good to reflect and to think of what has been good. So here are, in no particular order, the places I loved in Cottbus:


I will miss the river and the beautiful trees that frame it… I always send my worries away into it and watched it being carried away by the current.


Branitzer Park with its little paths that are so perfect for running and walking and its little bridges and islands. We once had a lecture in this park which was planned to be two hours long. In the end, it was five hours long and the only thing we did was looking at trees. First-semester ecology fun.


The park can also be a quite foggy place in autumn. It gives it this spooky atmosphere but it’s also really calming. I went for a run with a friend when I shot this and there were no sounds whatsoever apart from our footsteps.


I love the little fields and the small channels that meander through them…


And the little water mill. In summer, there are always people sitting in the restaurant and little children running around playing. In winter, it is such a quiet and relaxing place.


A path I love to walk on regardless of the season. This was the path along the river I always took when I had half an hour. If I had an hour, I would walk to the next bridge, cross there and walk back on the other side of the river. If I had two hours, I could go even one bridge further. And then I did a walking tour with a friend once that took four hours, where we took the next bridge.


Some beautiful buildings in the city centre. I wasn’t in the centre much because it was always so busy and you could run into people you know… Which often I didn’t want to. So instead, I always walked along the river.


This is the garden on campus – my favourite spot to study in summer. We had so many meetingss here and some lectures as well, when it was too hot inside and we were just a few people. This has been the place where I shuffled around memory cards and typed some sections of my thesis and the place where we cried over our maths homework.


And then there was another beautiful path leading out of the city. At its end, I once found a sunflower field. I sent the picture to my friends who asked me where the hell I was. Just outside Cottbus, I answered. One our of walking. You see, I love to go for long walks… And you always discover wonderful places when doing that.


And then there was Hannah’s balcony. My friend Hannah and I always drew together in the evening. We drank tea, talked about life, admired her beautiful roses, watched the people on the street below who would walk by. We also studied on this balcony or we enjoyed the clear cool night air after a longs summer day. It was a great place. She has moved out now and won’t be in Cottbus anymore either. And we’ll be in different countries as well, soon. But that doesn’t keep us from drawing together and drinking tea while we skype.

This collection shows me again that after all, it wasn’t such a bad place to live in. Sure, we had a lot of troubles there with our study programme and it wasn’t easy. We often didn’t really feel at home and I must say that I never saw it as such, either. It was temporary. But either way, it has been a good place to live in and I’ve made wonderful friends there. We have our memories and that is what is important.



Moving Back Home and Preparing for Adventure

What a week it has been! My last week in Cottbus. Now, I only have the defense for my thesis left and then I will be done with my bachelors. What a thought.

I’m home now! Back from Cottbus. And this is the wonderful view from my window. I love it so much, especially the apple tree right in front of it.

I moved to Cottbus three years ago and it rained like hell when I did. Today, after these three years, it rained again and I was just really happy to leave the place. Leave everything behind, start anew. I will make an extra post next week in which I will show you my favourite places in Cottbus and which memories are connected to them. So stay tuned!

A little sneak-peak picture for you 😉 The rest is following on Wednesday.

It was also a week of lasts: I did my last presentation for this programme, saw many people for the last time there, I took my last walk along the river…

The river Spree. It’s wonderful to follow the path beside it with your bike.

I practiced the organ in that little church for the last time…

Organs always have these little mirrors above the keyboards so that you can see what is going on below. It’s also quite fun because sometimes people came in while I played, to see the church and I could watch them from my mirror high above…

And I had my last choir rehearsal. We learned two new songs, which was really cool. Since I hadn’t printed sheet music, I put my laptop on the grand piano, where you normally put your sheet music. And then the choir stood behind me, read the notes from my computer programme, while I was playing the piano to accompany it. We sang a really nice gospel that I learned in a gospel workshop last weekend and we sang a Christmas song: Carol of the Bells. Yes, it is July but it’s so funny to sing Christmas songs in July. And most of them are so beautiful that you can sing them the whole year through. In the end, we found that the text was too difficult for the short time, so we changed it to la-la-la. Not much relation to Christmas anymore afterwards.

They surprised me with flowers and cards and little gifts and I was so moved by their kind words and that they loved the choir so much. They all said that it was a great place to meet and I think we have grown so much as a group and got closer and closer. Many said that they couldn’t get the songs out of their minds after rehearsal and that is just brilliant: This is the way choirs should work.

The beautiful view from our balcony this evening… I love the colour of the evening light and how it paints the trees so nicely.

And now I have left the city and moved home again. Home sweet home. After all the stress of the last weeks- finishing my thesis, emailing professors like crazy so that they grade me on time, fighting for my diploma to be finished soon etc- I just fell into bed today. I couldn’t move anymore. I knitted a bit on my jumper…

I’m nearly done with it now! I will show it to you next week.

…drew a portrait again after an immensly long time…

Malala. Drawn with polychromos coloured pencils on light grey pastel paper.

…and other than that didn’t move at all. I’m tired. I think I will need a few days to calm down again after all the events and projects and then I can go on. Also, I got a room in Uppsala on Wednesday, which is really exciting. I will live close to forests and the water, which is lovely. I’m so looking forward to it! Just one month left until I’m travelling to Sweden!

This week has been dominated by the rain. We haven’t had rain in weeks. In the city, all the trees had gotten grey and the air was sticky and you felt like choking on it sometimes. The grass was yellow everywhere and we all longed for a little water. So last week it has been gloomy and rainy and for me it was absolutely wonderful. I went for a walk barefoot today and jumped in all the rain puddles and it was just the best. People look at you funny when you do but I don’t care. I enjoyed the rain, just as much as all our plants did.

A walk through a field near home with a bit of gloomy weather


I’m Back

It’s been a year of reconsidering, of walking new paths.

I’ve been in Sweden for four months last autumn.

I have been away, I have been abroad, I have been trying to find my balance. But now I’m here again, I’m back to blogging!

I’ve explored Halland with my biology course.

As you might have seen, I’ve deleted all my posts. It wasn’t easy. When I went through them and saw my first words written here on this page five years ago, I felt a bit like crying… But I needed a fresh start and this is what I will be giving to you:

  • There will be a post once a week, telling you of the adventures of my week, what I have been up to, what I created.
  • I will continue to share my artwork, my photos, my stories.
  • There will be additional posts on the environment, on living abroad, on whatever is on my mind currently.
  • And updates on all the projects I’m working on.
  • And there will be a portfolio!

Here are some more paths that I walked on since we last spoke:

I went to university in Halmstad (Sweden) and found a home there.
In the beginning of this year, I moved to Münster (Germany) for an internship for two months.

All this will take some time to set up and adjust, so please be patient with me. But just know: I’m back and I’m up to something!