Amandla Stenberg by Tim Palen



Monochrome: Amandla Stenberg

I’m really loving these drawings at the moment, just using one colour. It gives them a special something I don’t have identified yet.

In my last post I said that artists are never satisfied with their work. At which point can you call yourself an artist? Should you change it to a stage where you like your work and are content with it? I’m planning to do a post on this so I would love to hear your opinions on this matter.

amandla stenberg

Katniss and Prim

Last weekend I rewatched ‘Cathing Fire’ (The hunger games) with my best friend and we are going to watch the third film tomorrow. That’s why I drew Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and her little sister Prim (Willow Shields). Aren’t they just cute?????

katniss prim

Ballpoint pen drawing on a4