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Technology is amazing. The way we use it today is out of our control, though. It shouldn’t be but it is. The amazing ideas we are able to share through networks are used against people. If they aren’t, they are at least collected. Huge piles of data. On every one of us. Skyped with your mum? Walked your dog? Talked to your sister about this upcoming marriage? Shared pictures with your family? We know about everything!!!

I just watched the film ‘Snowden’ and it obviously got me thinking. What is this crazy world we live in? Big Brother and all… Not that I didn’t know it. Except… Who does, really? Do we know what is going on? Would it be good for us? To grasp the dimension of these actions? That all our data is collected? Everything?

I find it very hard to understand this. Maybe it wouldn’t be good if I did. Bad for the paranoia I guess. Our information is used and the profiles of people are connected to other profiles to other profiles. A database on everything we do.

My dad always says that the safest connection is no connection. What does this mean in this special context? Should we shut down all our accounts? Say goodbye to the social media platforms? Throw stones at cameras in public places? Do we even have a chance?

We have two choices. Either we change ourselves or we change the system. They always tell us that they collect all this information for our own security. I have no doubt that they do. To which percentage is this really useful, that’s the question here. I am not informed enough to make a judgement on that question. I am not sure, though, that we need to collect EVERY INFORMATION on EVERY PERSON to make sure we are save. I don’t get this system. It is frightening me. Since this all got public, who hasn’t thought about what they are texting or writing or posting on the Internet for a second time? Who hasn’t been influenced? Who hasn’t put tape on their webcam or at least thought about it? Who hasn’t watched a camera closely and wondered who might sit on the other side? It is a terrifying world we live in or at least they want us to believe that. To justify the actions.

Now we have to decide. Do we start building a defence system in our computers? Do we start using more encryption etc? Would that even help? Do we stop using them at all? Or do we change the way this information is dealt with. How it is collected. Do we change the way, our security is protected without knowing what Susan texted her boyfriend today? What the best apple pie recipe from aunt Rose is?

Many people say they don’t care about this because they have no secrets. Oh come on. You wouldn’t want your mum to read your diary, right? There is a reason why people invented doors. Why they invented curtains and blinds and why they don’t tell the truth all the time. This makes us humans! We all have secrets and that is perfectly fine. There is a reason for that. Up to the point where these don’t harm other people. Next time you say that you have nothing to hide… Just think how it would be to be completely honest with your mother-in-law. Yeah, this new hairless dog is veeeery cute and of course her cooking is spleeeendid and she looks amazing in this pink and purple curtain she is wearing. We are not honest all the time. It’s good that way. Just think about your mother-in-law seeing you talking to your spouse about this family celebration, laughing about her awful cooking skills. You wouldn’t want that.

These are all very small and laughable examples but we do have a right on the protection of our data. We have rights and I think they should be protected. Along with our security. I believe this is both possible at the same time. And if data is collected to gain an economic or political benefit… There must be something wrong with the system, too. This problem will probably be solved soon. When EVERYBODY is spying on EVERYONE. No one will gain any benefit from that. Also, talking helps. International groups sitting together and talking about problems. I’m a big believer in the talking bit. Where we work collectively together and not against each other to make this world a little better. With a little less data collection and more reasonable thinking.

Oh Captain! My Captain! – A Guide to Good Teaching

The Dead Poet’s Society is a wonderful film. I just re-watched it and tried not to cry. It wasn’t possible. There is something in the storytelling that I always find so moving. It is controversial but I would like to make a point for Keating. For teachers. Good teachers.

  1. A good teacher is strict. Consequent, standing by their words. Never unfair. Giving, generous in offering knowledge.
  2. A good teacher does not shout. Lowers the voice until it is barely audible. Silence is so much more powerful than sound.
  3. A good teacher teaches methods. In uni I had to completely relearn how to study. How to write and how to get stuff into my head. It has been a difficult process and it really would have helped to learn strategies how to do that.
  4. A good teacher offers only the tool kit for solving problems. Learning by doing, I am a big believer in that.
  5. A good teacher encourages you to think. Think more broadly, open up your perspective. This can be done by discussions or reading controversial opinions, commenting on the work of others. A good teacher is an advocate for diversity and open-mindedness. Praising lines of thinking that go beyond the curriculum.
  6. A good teacher listens. Listens to what their students say, to what they value, to what is helpful for them. Not every method of bringing knowledge across might suit everyone but mostly there is a consensus.
  7. A good teacher encourages to read. I was motivated to read so many books by different teachers and I have learned so much doing it. Books are my number one resource to broaden my mind and to get out of my own head for at least a while. To learn to think critically.
  8. A good teacher talks with passion. Even if it is a boring subject, there clearly is some way to make it interesting with anecdotes and little stories. Keeping it colourful, keeping it varied. Talking with love.
  9. A good teacher has a clear structure. Everyone could pick up a book and study without ever going to school. The job of a teacher is to structure it, select the most important parts and especially point out what the applications are going to be of theoretical knowledge. Structure is key.
  10. A good teacher develops. Fact sheets that are twenty years old, methods that are not used anymore since the fifties, these are the horrors of students. As a teacher it is hard to keep up to date but it is important to do so. We live in a world that changes faster and faster. The roots are a great basis to further teaching but are not sufficient to supply pupils with enough knowledge to let them out in the wide world.

Teachers are the ones that shape children in a much more significant way than we would think. Most of the passions I have and where I am now would not have been there if it weren’t for my teachers. My German teacher got me into writing. My English teacher encouraged me to chose my study course. My art teacher helped me develop a style and follow my intuition. My physics teacher helped me to think more clearly and focused. There were so many great people and I will be forever grateful for them. Because they are good teachers and they have a lot to give to others.

I find that the job of the teacher is one of the most important, concerning our future. The future of our planet. It is in the teacher’s hands to encourage their students to take action, to make their voices heard and to stand up for environmental protection. It is them who identify great minds and support them to reach higher. To think further. Their job is determining our future.

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Monochrome: Emilia Clarke.

A drawing using only one colour! This will be a little series because I loved it so much!

As I’m becoming more and more familiar with instagram and try to take nice pictures of my drawings, many plants can be harmed. Not at all acceptable for a nature loving person. This time I sat in a little flower field in our garden and took this photograph. It’s windy so that was a bit difficult…

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