Inspiring Artists: Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman draws large-scale realistic pictures of both ice and water. She started as an art student with drawing the sky and never really dared to draw water or even ice. It shows that you have to overcome your fears when trying to be creative. I loved that a lot.

deception bay

I’m in deep awe when I look at her drawings. The commitment it needs to create such a large piece! She always starts at the top left hand corner and works down to the right one because of the dust. The medium is one I never really was able to use. It’s so difficult! I would smudge the colour all over my drawing.

She mastered it, though. She even created her own hues because she uses the colours of a very small family business. Isn’t that great?

whale bay 3

Look at these colours and shapes. They look so real and yet they can’t be from this earth, right? In an interview she said that it is always hard to select those photos for the composition, that do not look too surreal. These grand icescapes are of such beauty and colour that one can barely believe they are real.

whale bay antarctica 2

What I love most about her work is the environmental background. She says that she doesn’t want to show the damage we have done to the world in an “ugly” way. Rather the fragility of ecosystems and that we need to protect them. Art is an instrument. Art speaks directly to the feelings of people and that is what we need here.

In my study program I had a course of sociology in the first semester. It had a huge influence on my thinking. This is the one that resonated most with me of all the courses I took in the last year. Because it spoke to my feelings and let me analyse why I am thinking what I am thinking. This is how we can change the world. The technolgy is already there but we need to get in our heads that we have to actively do something. This is what Zaria’s drawings do for me.

maledives 15

She started another series on the Maledives. The rising water levels. The danger of it. These drawings are absolutely amazing. The movement in the water caught in a single frame. It looks like the wave would just roll over you if you looked away for a second.

I admire Zaria Forman on an artist level, deeply, truly, but also on a human level. She is so intelligent and well-spoken, her Ted Talk was amazing. You can watch it here:

This is why I drew a portrait of her, in a way to say thank you for the great work she does. A huge inspiration. As an artist. As an environmentalist. As a woman.

Pictures are not taken by me, credit to Zaria Forman. They can be found on her website:
I use them with the permission of her studio manager Melanie, who wrote me an incredibly sweet email answering my request to make this post. Thanks a lot for your motivating words.
Here is a great podcast about her drawing process and how it is like to be an artist:
If you like to see more pictures look at her amazing instagram:


Keeping an eye on Mother Earth…

We have to help the planet we are living on. We have to make a difference and fight against the global warming and the exploitation of nature. We have to fight against the extinction of species and the destruction of the eco-system, because nobody can live on a planet without any plants and animals!

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain