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Amandla Stenberg by Tim Palen


Truly Scrumptious

Carrie Hope Fletcher now plays in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and she looks just gorgeous, I had to draw her!

truly scrumptious

Why 10 Min Sketches Are the Best

carrie hope fletcher

This is the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher whom I adore so much. She has been in Les Misérables for 2.5 years now and left yesterday. She did an amazing job playing Eponine and she’s such a great singer.

For the hashtag #raiseourpinkiesforcarrie I decided to make a little sketch. Because you know – real fans who are also artists do such things…

And I really like how it turned out. A little messy and a little sketchy but overall a sweet little drawing. Which I finished in ten minutes.
It was fun and this is why I like it so much. It’s somebody who means very much to me. This is for Carrie.

Advent Calendar: 12th

Helloo and happy Project for Awesome! It’s this time of the year again and I really love it. Such a good thing and the livestream is amazing. So many cool people, Hank and John Green, Hannah, this morning Charlie and Jimmy… Here’s the link if you are curious. It’s an annual charity promoting event, people make videos and donate money to charities and vote for them to distribute the donations.

Here’s a little drawing of Charlie with cat whiskers for you 😉charlie