Urban Sketching in Hamburg

Over the weekend I visited my best friend in Hamburg and we went around the city looking for good places to draw. We had a lot of fun trying new art styles and messing with colours.

Which one do you like most? 🙂


Impressions From Italy

I’m back and I just wanted to share some photos with you I took there before heading to my prom!!! I promise I’ll tell you about it later on but I’m just too excited right now to write a longer text xD


Split-Toning Weekly Photo Challenge : Graveyards and/or Churches

For this week, I want to show you a picture of a little church in Prague in different tones…

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Here’s one photograph in B&W, one in sepia and one with a little bit more blue and green. At the bottom you can see the original.

How these different colours can change the whole character of these pictures…

churches1 4 churches1 3 churches1 2 churches1 1

The museum of Berggruen, Berlin

Today I was at the museum of Berggruen in Berlin with my art course. There are many works of Picasso, but also of Giacometti, Cézanne, Matisse and other great artists.

First you can see a statue of Giacometti, in the lobby of the museum…


A few days ago I had to read a long biography of Picasso and now, I’m really fascinated by him. He had such a great talent! And he wasn’t just a painter – he also build statues, took photographs and created many other things. And if we think about Picasso, we only see these strange faces, these cubes and these abstracted things – but sometimes he drew and painted so realistic! Here are just some little impressions of that great day! Enjoy! 😉

This is a ‘usual’ painting of Picasso, like we know them. I like this painting especially because of the colours… It’s a strange combination but they harmonise very good… (The painting is called: the yellow pullover)



And here’s one of my favourite paintings by Picasso. It’s kind of a dream, the dream of going to far places, and this sense of freedom. I could look at this painting for hours, I think 😀 (Look at these clouds, they are quite realistic, aren’t they?)



So this was my little art tour and I hope you liked it! 😀

Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows and/or Doors

Windows and Doors – gates to freedom, light and the world… Here are some photographs I took in several locations for the Weekly Challenge. Enjoy!

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Amsterdam – the city of canals and of course bicyles. Someone said, that the canals are filled with one metre of sand, two metres of water and three metres of bicycles, refrigerators and stuff like that… 😀

amsterdam_2 amsterdam_1

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