Holidays in Halmstad

I came to Halmstad in the rain. It was such a relief. In Germany, it had been over 30°C pretty much the last four weeks. I arrived in Halmstad and it was 14°C and rain. What a gift!

I realised today that it is actually exactly one year ago that I moved to Halmstad for my semester abroad. And now, I’m here again…

My dear friend picked me up from the station and going through the city I thought: Hey, I know this! These are the paths I used to walk in winter. It’s only eight months ago but it seems like an eternity.

I remember the vintage shop that always looked closed but had lots of furniture in it, I remember the bakery always advertising for its cinnamon buns, I remember the main street and its cute little cafés, I remember the balcony on the third floor of this gorgous old house that we sang Christmas songs on for the Christmas fair, I remember the paths along the river Nissan which I walked so often to clear my head and to find my peace again.


I remember all of these, and yet, everything is new. The scenery itself hasn’t changed much: Trees have been cut down, buildings have appeared, the bus station has been relocated. But apart from that, it has remained the same since I left.


It’s still Halmstad as I know it and that gives me a lot of comfort. I have changed and I look upon the world with a lot more happiness now, with a lot more gratefulness for what is, and with a lot more acceptance of what was and what will be. That has changed. And thus, my view on the city.


We have had a wonderful time together. It was great to visit my friends again, see where they live now. It is such a calm neighbourhood with little lakes and lots of green around. A great place to live in.

We played Frisbeegolf in the forest (I can’t play golf and I throw a frisbee three metres, but not straight ahead but to the right or left, so perfect sport for me), we took long walks, visited friends and had great food, we went to my friend’s parent’s house for the weekend and had such a relaxing time there, and there was a lot of Fika. Absolutely wonderful times.


It was a time to connect to my base again. I came home for a week. Home to friends and home to a city that is dear to my heart. I’m so grateful for the warm welcome that I received.

And here’s a little extra for you: I drew a little birthday wish for my friend Eva yesterday. So if you are reading this, and are also called Eva and it happened to be your birthday in the last time, then All the Best to You My Friend! ❤

Favourite Places in Halmstad: Summer Edition

That was the very first picture I took of the city. I had driven up to Halland with my family for a little vacation. They brought me to Halmstad. We walked through the city on the first day and I looked at all the buildings and thought: This is so cool, I will stay here for a few months and discover everything. This statue is a real Picasso by the way, don’t know how it came to Halmstad of all places…
This is the beach at Tylösand, a little bit the the west of Halmstad. It has a beautiful beach and this is where everyone is going in summer. When we walked there, quite a big thunderstorm came and we hid behind little strand houses which were abondoned already because it was late summer. We just snuck out from time to time to take some pictures. You must admit, those clouds looked fantastic.
Oh how much I love these little houses. They are so cute and beautiful. I loved this street a lot and took another picture of it in winter, right before I left. Stay tuned for that, I will put them next to each other for you to see, when I upload the winter edition.
The large building that is half built on the river is the city library. It’s a beautiful place. My friend Ami says she takes a photo every time she passes because she thinks the view from here is always different, the light always changing, the seasons… This view describes the essence of Halmstad quite nicely I think.
I took this one the first day I had bought a bike. I cycled along the coast – there is a beautiful path which is called Prins Bertilsstig – and got to the beach. Every time I felt a bit uncomfortable in our room, I would tell my roommate that I’d cycle to the beach. Regardless of the weather. But in summer it was still absolutely gorgeous weather all the time.
This is the same location, also along the coast at Prins Bertilsstig. But it looks completely different, doesn’t it? I loved to sit on those big boulders, watch the sea and breathe in the cool clear air that blew in my face. There always was a lot of wind and I loved that.
This picture is also taken at Prins Bertilsstig but a lot more distant from Halmstad. There is this cute little lake that originated from the rocks being broken down. I cycled there on Sunday evening. In the morning we had come back from our choir camp, which was absolutely lovely and I was so sad that we had left and I just sat there on this rock overlooking the little lake and realised that I had so much time with the choir left and that we would make every rehearsal special. Which we did. And I noticed how beautiful nature around Halmstad can be. If one only knows the right spots.
And if you walk even farther, you get here. It is one of the last bays you have to get past when you want to get to Tylösand. I had a day off from university so I decided to walk there. It took me around four hours and it was such a wonderful path. Such beautiful landscape. For my way back, though, I took the bus. I didn’t want to come too late for my choir rehearsal.
This was the other walking route I loved: Along river Nissan. I took this in late summer as you can see. The leaves are already changing. In autumn, the trees looked gorgeous, as I will show you in my next post for this series!

I love Halmstad so much, it is a wonderful place to live in. Especially if you are a nature lover. I didn’t have that many lectures when I was studying there, so every single day I would go for a long walk up to three hours sometimes. Enjoying the beauty of the trees, the river, the beach and having loads of time to think. To imagine. To dream.



3 Years in Cottbus: Here Are 10 Places I Loved

I’ve lived in Cottbus for three years to do my bachelors, from October 2015 to July 2018. Now I’m back home and preparing for the next city to live in: Uppsala. But it’s always good to reflect and to think of what has been good. So here are, in no particular order, the places I loved in Cottbus:


I will miss the river and the beautiful trees that frame it… I always send my worries away into it and watched it being carried away by the current.


Branitzer Park with its little paths that are so perfect for running and walking and its little bridges and islands. We once had a lecture in this park which was planned to be two hours long. In the end, it was five hours long and the only thing we did was looking at trees. First-semester ecology fun.


The park can also be a quite foggy place in autumn. It gives it this spooky atmosphere but it’s also really calming. I went for a run with a friend when I shot this and there were no sounds whatsoever apart from our footsteps.


I love the little fields and the small channels that meander through them…


And the little water mill. In summer, there are always people sitting in the restaurant and little children running around playing. In winter, it is such a quiet and relaxing place.


A path I love to walk on regardless of the season. This was the path along the river I always took when I had half an hour. If I had an hour, I would walk to the next bridge, cross there and walk back on the other side of the river. If I had two hours, I could go even one bridge further. And then I did a walking tour with a friend once that took four hours, where we took the next bridge.


Some beautiful buildings in the city centre. I wasn’t in the centre much because it was always so busy and you could run into people you know… Which often I didn’t want to. So instead, I always walked along the river.


This is the garden on campus – my favourite spot to study in summer. We had so many meetingss here and some lectures as well, when it was too hot inside and we were just a few people. This has been the place where I shuffled around memory cards and typed some sections of my thesis and the place where we cried over our maths homework.


And then there was another beautiful path leading out of the city. At its end, I once found a sunflower field. I sent the picture to my friends who asked me where the hell I was. Just outside Cottbus, I answered. One our of walking. You see, I love to go for long walks… And you always discover wonderful places when doing that.


And then there was Hannah’s balcony. My friend Hannah and I always drew together in the evening. We drank tea, talked about life, admired her beautiful roses, watched the people on the street below who would walk by. We also studied on this balcony or we enjoyed the clear cool night air after a longs summer day. It was a great place. She has moved out now and won’t be in Cottbus anymore either. And we’ll be in different countries as well, soon. But that doesn’t keep us from drawing together and drinking tea while we skype.

This collection shows me again that after all, it wasn’t such a bad place to live in. Sure, we had a lot of troubles there with our study programme and it wasn’t easy. We often didn’t really feel at home and I must say that I never saw it as such, either. It was temporary. But either way, it has been a good place to live in and I’ve made wonderful friends there. We have our memories and that is what is important.