Mother’s Day

A little card I made for my mum for mother’s day…


Happy Easter!

I hope you have a lovely time 🙂

easter cardeaster card 2

Making Easter Cards

I’m currently motivated to keep you up to date with my drawing process but that’s most likely only lasting for the next weeks until uni starts again. Sry… I made a marathon essay writing session today and finished it so I had a lot of time for drawing.

The lovely Jacob (you should really go check out his work, he’s so good! gave me some advice on digital art and I’m trying new things. This is my fourth ever digital drawing so it’s not too bad.

Here’s a little update on the Easter cards. They make up a little comic strip so here’s the second image:


Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 21.14.02

Little book update: I finished the Martian by Andy Weir last night. At 2 am. I just couldn’t stop, it was so thrilling!! It’s hilarious, absolutely brilliant. There are all of these things he has to consider while being the only inhabitant of Mars and Mars keeps fighting against him. He doesn’t give up, he doesn’t lose his sense of humor. He keeps calculating and fixing so many things and it all is so thoughtful and accurate –  a wonderful and book! I loved it!

Work in Progress

It’s been so long since I last posted anything and it’s because I’ve not been really good with portraits lately. Drawing yesterday completely messed up something I’ve been working on… So I got my graphic tablet out today and started some Easter cards. Here’s a little glimpse on what I’ve been working this whole evening. It takes sooo long!!!

I drew with Hannah yesterday and when I didn’t want to draw a portrait, I challenged her to give me words that I would have to draw. It was so fun! Drawing little characters and animals it got weirder and weirder… Character development is something I always wanted to master but never laid the focus on. However, my big dream is to illustrate a children’s book someday. I know it sounds unrealistic but maybe we need those sometimes.

Also: I passed Maths 😉 All the panic for nothing… Only one exam left and an essay for philosophy that I nearly finished today.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 21.09.48

Advent Calendar: 23rd

I’m still not over the fact that Hank Green retweeted my photo and now it is going wild… I’ve never had so many people seeing any of my pictures and I’m so happy that it is appreciated and people know the jokes. It’s a lovely fandom or better – a community made of awesome.

As I’m still figuring out how to work with photoshop, here’s a little christmassy drawing


Advent Calendar: 22nd

It’s not Christmas yet but I thought I could send a little wish to all of the Nerdfighters out there (and to everyone else, too of course 😀  )

Have a wonderful Christmas and DFTBA!

Lot of inside jokes and it took me ages to paint this with photoshop… But I did it, my first big digital artwork. It’s so great!!


nerdfighteriaand Hank Green retweeted it!!!! OMG, there are so many people who liked it and I’m freaking out a bit at the moment, it’s amazing…

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 16.53.31