About Life, Art And Creating

My art teacher has taught me something in the last two years I really want to share with you. Maybe it’s helpful, maybe you think, why can a 17 year old girl tell me how to paint, I’m so much better than her.

This little guide is for the ones saying they can’t paint. I’m sure you haven’t tried enough. You really should.

My opinion is that everyone can paint. Not in the same way clearly but you can. It’s all about practise.

We had this advanced course now for two years and there are so many different people with so different opinions about what art is. There is this one really fantastic girl, she always paints such awesome things and everyone is like — Well, you can’t beat her. But it’s really not about that!

Than there is that other girl. In the beginning I didn’t like her paintings because I didn’t understand them. But now, she has worked soo hard on herself, so hard on her technique, now she paints like the first girl I described. She made a wonderful progress and THAT’S the point whether you can do art or not. If you can make a progress, if you can and want to develop your skills, than you are an artist.

My teacher told some of my classmates, that they are not really talented. They were angry, really really angry. But why? They never practised at home and without talent their pictures aren’t that good. Ok. We can work on that.

So here are some of the points I learned during this period.

  1. We started the 2nd year with painting impressionism. I really liked Renoir and so I wanted to paint like him. She said, you can’t. And she was right. Obviously, art is first about copying other artists. Although, as soon as you try your own thing, develop your own style of painting, you make a progress. I did some research and started painting from my inside. Colours. Abstract shapes, that is what I liked. I began to understand what art can be like.
    Please don’t let people tell you what you have to think about art. This is very personal and you have to build your own opinion about what you like and what you don’t like.
  2. When painting don’t think so much about the content. Think about the lights, think about the colours. Art is the way of expressing your feelings, your thoughts. This thing on the canvas is more a cat than an elephant? Well, make it a cat! Your art is the mirror of your soul and you will create much better paintings if you’re not forced. Neither from yourself nor from others.
  3. Play with colours. Put some red into the sky, some blue and yellow on the meadow. Combine shapes and let all of your figures, all of the things you want to paint get one.
  4. What I learned in my last exam is, that you can’t make everything look the same. I painted three houses and they had a lot of colours in them but they were all so similiar to each other. What you have to do is to think about the light and the impression of your painting. Make each element of your painting different but don’t forget to put them together. Maybe you can put a layer of lighter/darker colour on the things in the background?
  5. Look at other artists work. Just like writers read a lot.
  6. Stay creative. Do what you want to do.
  7.  And don’t let other people judge you for things you created. Don’t let them bring you down. Everything you create is in it’s own way amazing, because it’s something you created with your own hands. It’s something you have a special relation to. Put your paintings on the wall and be proud of yourself.

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