Advent Calendar 2016 #11

Dear December,

I have written to you nearly every day in the form of a novel plan and you have provided me with a story. My planning is going nicely, I can say. Yesterday it got an overall structure, it is divided into four parts now. I have an idea who my main characters are and I have developed them in a huge excel document. Basically, all my planning is happening in excel. Who would have known that this magical process was indeed so technical?

Writing every day keeps me going and it helps to keep my head clear. I’m not thinking about my story if I’m not working on it because that would rob me of any energy and excitement. Instead, I enjoy the hours I spend in the middle of the night. That’s a writer’s life. Working the whole day and letting creativity out when normal people would be sleeping. When I should be sleeping too…

Greetings to you, my friend December

from you little writer and artist



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