Advent Calendar 2016 #2

I Found a Story.

Dear December,

last night I found a story. It probably came to me because I freaked out about having none. Because I was desperately searching. Or maybe it was there all along and I didn’t notice it, wasn’t ready for it. You should write the novel you would want to read. So I sat down and wrote about what I wanted to read. Then I realised that it was actually a nice idea.

I need a plan. I always need one. Through many Ted Talks I have learned how to proceed. Imagine you book on a shelf. Where is it located? Next to which authors does it sit? That’s your genre. I figured, I’ll be writing a crime novel, a thriller, something along those lines. Write your idea down in one sentence. What is the book about? Break it down into a number of words. For mine it will probably be around 150 000. That’s a goal. Goals can be reached, abstract ideas cannot.

I will make my first plan in December and go on to write this whole thing in the following three months. 50 000 words a month. I have already done that twice. It was hard but not impossible. After that comes the most difficult part. To transform this disastrous first draft into something that is actually readable. Sort out the mess. Find all the flaws, make the characters more interesting etc etc. I tried to write in German today but I found that I have become so clumsy! The words do not flow anymore! I mean every book I read, every video I watch, every text I type is in English. It was never my intention to get so bad at my own mother tongue, though! It’s kind of frightening. Furthermore, because English isn’t my native language, I always feel insecure. I actually don’t know that many words and I haven’t grown up with it. Maybe my writing is extremely awkward and I don’t even notice! Please tell me honestly.

Lots of Love



One thought on “Advent Calendar 2016 #2

  1. Your writing is good. A good writer can convey his/her ideas with simple words. You don’t need a huge vocabulary, you convey your thoughts with great imagination.

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