Advent Calendar 2016 #1

Searching for a Story.

Dear December,

I haven’t seen you in a while. You aren’t around often, are you? You brought some snow yesterday attempting to chase after November, my dear friend. Today, you only brought miserable rain and frosty cold. A day, I just want to spend inside, in my bed. After your brother November left, I feel a little drowsy. I had this writing project going on. Now it’s over. I’m a little lost. I promised myself to go on. 300 words a day. You can do that, I said. Underestimated the energy loss November had caused me. I’m writing in a document that is called: “That Novel You Always Wanted to Write”. December, will you bring with you that brilliant idea that I searched for so long? That keeps me up late at night trying to get the words onto the page? Will you give that to me as a Christmas present? I do have some ideas. But I don’t have THE idea. Shop window dummies becoming alive isn’t that great of a novel. I need something different. Will you help me on that road? I will keep writing, that’s my part. I don’t know where this is leading to, or if it’s any good. Keep going, that’s all I want.

Today, I share with you a little polar bear my friend Hannah named “Paulchen”. It’s the first one in a little drawing series I’m making for you, December. I hope you like it. Half way through designing all the characters I noticed something they all have in common…

Find it out in the next 24 days!

Lots of Love,




One thought on “Advent Calendar 2016 #1

  1. From what I have seen so far they all have wonderful knitwear! Your drawings are super fun Verena, you should become a children’s author and / or illustrator. Don’t need that many words either, just a good idea and cute characters and great pictures – all you need is the idea!

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