Climate change causes more and more horrible storms and floods and is destroying homes all over the world. People are suffering from droughts and water scarcity, they can’t feed themselves or their children because it doesn’t rain anymore. This is the reality we live in and there is no point denying it. However, there are still people who believe that climate change is not real. That our earth is not heating up, the ice is not melting, the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere not rising, the climate not becoming more extreme. There are people who ignore the opinions of experts, who simply do not accept a reality we have known for so long.

It may be because I am a student and students have been driving change since there were universities. It may be because I’m young and have not yet seen my ideals shattered to the ground, because I still believe in the good in people. But why not? Is that necessarily a bad thing? To believe in humankind? As a young person I hear a lot of that: Oh, you don’t know the world yet. You are so naive, that’s not how the world works. Grow up.

If growing up means losing your ideals, I’m not into it. If only young people had the power to change things because they are naive, revolutions would never have happened. Revolutions happen because there are people in every situation, every age, people who just don’t want to live that way anymore. Together, people have a great power. This is what I believe to be the only way this whole thing could work.

Listen, there are problems we can only fix economically. But who is going to communicate these changes to the public? Who is going to implement them? Yes, we are. It’s on us to change this world and make it a better place. I believe we can do this. I believe there are huge numbers of wonderful people who want to make a difference.

In the documentary about the “The Yes Men” the two activists did a fake conference announcing that the United States will change their energy sources to 100% renewable until 2020. The people attending, high security and weapons industry bosses, danced together in the end, lead by a Native American, celebrating this announcement. They want to be good! They want to bring change!

I have a problem with saying, that big changes have to be made on an economic level. Sure, it seems to be easier than changing people’s minds. We have a greater power through little bits of paper or 1s and 0s than we have on the actual brains of people. Here lies the base of my concern. What would happen if we don’t let people themselves change the world they are living in? What does that tell us about society?

  1. We come to believe that people are not capable to bring change. This is simply false. Looks at all the revolutions we have had, all the rights movements in the last centuries! They are surely not completed yet, no question, but we made a progress!
  2. People will say that this problem is only solvable on an abstract basis and therefore don’t do anything anymore. Place their lives in the hands of big financial bosses. We are nearly there already.
  3. We all will lose hope that ANYthing will EVER change. When that happens, everything becomes irrelevant. So what, we are emitting more and more greenhouse gases? So what, we get killed by hurricanes and floods… We can’t do anything, it just happens to us.

This is why we need HOPE. I believe in the magic of hope. It drives people to make things possible that they never even dreamed of. It makes people get working on problems that concern us all. Hope makes people move forward and this is what we need here. Every small action to counteract climate change helps. It may not be on a big scale, it might only matter to you personally but it does have an influence. It all adds up in the end. If you take the bike instead of the car tody – I want to cheer you! It might feel insignificant but it isn’t. Our actions influence our whole environment and maybe because you didn’t take the car today, your neighbour doesn’t either. See where this is leading?

If we still have the hope that our children will see a better world, we will make it a better place for them. If we still have hope, we can bring about change. I believe in humankind and yes I may be naive. Let me word it another way: I am hopeful and so should you be.

(If you are interested, watch this awesome documentary on climate change with Bill Nye, it’s really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Xv_npmS6E)

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to know!


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