Things I Love About Uni: Year 1

The third semester is around the corner, I will soon start to exercise my brain again. It’s already been a year of studying Environmental and Resource Management and I love it. Here are some of the things I enjoyed most – The First Year Edition. I just want to add that I am incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to study and that my parents are so supportive ❤

  1. Moving Out. Having my own little flat, being able to do whatever I want – That’s awesome. I am so grateful for this. You have your own schedule, decide what you want to eat, cook etc. I do have a lot of free time… Furthermore, I can paint until 3am without anyone being bothered! (Although most of the times I’ll act like a granny, drinking tea all the time, knitting and going to bed at 10pm. Who cares!)
  2. The people. The people in my study course are awesome. There are people from all over the world. It’s lovely to hear their experiences and stories. In this one year I have found so many dear friends who share the same values as I do and who have this save-the-world mentality. Who all drink out of glass bottles to avoid plastics. (Now I am one of the weirdos! Yay!!)  It’s amazing. Also, nearly half of our course are vegetarians or vegans, there is this huge community of support! I love it!
  3. English. It is not normal for German Universities to offer courses in English. It really isn’t. When I sit in a lecture I sometimes have this moment where I step back and think: “Wow! They are talking in English, I am studying in English!” I don’t really know why this feels so great to me, but it does. My language skills did get a lot better, although I still feel like I actually have no idea what I’m doing XD
  4. The subjects. Not all. Maths sucks. Ecology, though? That was awesome. Not the professor. What we were talking about. Sea salinity, trees in river ecosystems, plants in lakes… So interesting! By far, sociology was my favourite subject, though. Why people do what they do and why they do (not) act environmentally friendly. Essential to know!
  5. The library. This is the book nerd speaking, hi. The first time we entered the library and had a little tour around I thought: Look at all this knowledge that is preserved here. Sooooo many books! OMG! I love the library. It’s pretty modern but the air is buzzing with thoughts and reading and flipping pages and that’s wonderful.
  6. Studying itself. Too much stress in the exam phase is probably not good. However, this summer, we sat in the uni garden or at the lake and revised all this stuff we had to know for the exams, wrote all our papers… That was kind of cool. I love writing and I enjoy the papers. The best one I wrote yet was for philosophy, about sustainable development. I’m sure I’ll make a whole blog post about that soon… It’s great to write about something you are actually interested in. To read and shuffle papers around, to search in databases and read loads of articles.

If you have any questions or would like me to write about something, feel free to do so. I would appreciate it!




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