Story Time: A Nature Helper

I meant to write about late summer. About its deliciously tasting air, its soft light and wonderful evenings. A little boy crossed my paths on my way home and therefore these plans. His bike would reach a velocity of at least 200 km/h downhill, he said. A fast little guy, on a tiny little bike. If he brakes, he would fly all the way up to the moon, I laughed. If he would like to be an astronaut. “No,” this seemed to bore him, “rather a car mechanic, an electrical engineer…” Scratching his head he added: “A nature helper.” Now he had a spark in his eyes. “The world is so beautiful!”

My cat interrupted the thoughts and questions I had on that topic. The hows and whats and whens… They didn’t matter. He loves cats, he said. His grandpa has one. She doesn’t really know what she wants. Silently I muttered: “Who does?”

“I would like to save the world” A noble task. “Maybe we can train cats to help us.” The next five minutes we spend imagining how cats would look like with different uniforms and hats on them. It was a wonderful moment. Talking with a little boy about saving the world. A dream that I had so often pictured and am now trying to implement. A boy who had so many different ideas what to become and thought of mother earth to be a subject of his future. A little boy who went out on his bike in the evening and always up the hill to be able to drive down again much faster. Dreams, he has so many dreams. It gives me a lot of hope.

Lastly I told him that I study to be a nature helper. He looked at me for a long time: “That sounds interesting. We will see each other in our jobs one day.” So be it, little nature helper. He raced down the hill with his bright green bike and shouted, waving as he drove “But first I have to grow up!”.


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