Malala Yousafzai

A fighter for children’s rights, education, for women’s rights, the youngest Nobel Prize Winner, a writer and storyteller – and she is so much more. She has an extraordinary story that moved many people including myself, a true inspiration.

I painted it with acrylics on canvas and this was really my first proper painted portrait I guess… (I’m very proud of this one!) Hope you like it 🙂


And her father saw the picture, he liked it! So happy right now!!!


5 thoughts on “Malala Yousafzai

  1. Absolutely stunning Verena and it was awesome to see all the stages before the finished painting. What a beautiful lady and you’ve portrayed her so beautifully! Love the colours! 😀 ♥

      1. You always put so much love in your work Verena and I can see you enjoyed painting her.

        Oh yes, that would be so awesome! It’s wonderful watching a great artist like you at work and how it progresses. Thanks! 😀 ♥

      2. Awww Sonel you make me blush, that’s so incredibly sweet of you!!
        I will definitely do that if you enjoy seeing it! Already started two new paintings 😉

      3. You’re very welcome sweetie and I know I will love seeing them. 😀

        That is so good to hear. Have fun! ♥

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