Advent Calendar 2015: 3rd

It’s wonderful to appreciate the little things, the small ones, that keep us smiling. I listened to some Christmas songs of my choir from last year… Started to read a good book (Neil Gaiman’s American Gods if you’re curious)… So I want to spread a bit of happiness!!! I hope you are all well, just smile a bit when you read this, it gets better I promise.

Some light for dark days:



3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2015: 3rd

  1. Verena! It’s so wonderful to see your stunning art once again! I missed your blog and since I’ve deleted my old blog I did miss out on quite a few of my favourite blogs as well, and yours are one of them of course. 😀

    Luckily I exported my posts and now I am in the process of putting a few of them up again and saw a comment from you on one and I was delighted to see you still have your blog.

    So glad to finally meet up again. Hope all is well. 😀 ♥

    1. Sonel! You’re here again, welcome back!!! I missed you too!!! You always have such kind and lovely words for me, thanks a lot!!! ❤
      Awww you are so sweet, you've also been one of my favourites (funny that I especially remember the photos of the monkeys coming over to visit – such cute pictures you had there 🙂 )
      Oh I'm sticking to blogging, it's nearly the third year over and I love it haha
      People seem to enjoy my art which is wonderful.
      Will instantly go over to your blog and refresh some of the memories 😉

      1. Thanks Verena and always great to see your gorgeous art. Very glad to be here. 😀

        You are very welcome sweetie. ♥

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