Festival of Leaves 2015: Week 9

Festival of Leaves

Welcome to week nine of our festival! I have to say, all your lovely comments from last week made me so incredibly happy. It’s wonderful that you enjoy the colours of autumn as much as I do 😉

You’re getting really creative with titles, they are great! And the colours in your photos get brighter and more vibrant. I think autumn has nearly reached it’s peak everywhere…

Roberta (Leaf Support Group)

Julie (Needles Are Also Leaves!)

Jude (You’re so Vein)

Jo (Oh no! Not a duck decoy!)

Joseph (A Painting by the Full Moon)

DailyMusings (Illuminated Leaves)

And this week’s winner is… Angela (with some Little Leaves)!!!!

Please include this link in your next post:


Have a wonderful weekend and a spooky Halloween everyone!!

xxx verena

As I walked through the city one evening (it gets dark so early now, it’s sad…) I captured those… Loved the atmosphere…

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