Happy 1st of October!

I’m so happy that October has started although it makes me realise, how fast time is going by…

Welcome to the month of crispy leaves, cups of hot tea, long nights of reading, colours everywhere and this wonderful scent of earth…

At the moment I love to write poems to capture situations, the atmosphere of autumn and wanted to share this one with you 🙂 I hope you like it as it is not usual to see me writing so much on my blog.

(And please tell me what you think. I’m just starting and it would mean very much to me to hear what you say… Thanks!)

How often have I stared
Into the nighttime’s sky
How often have I wondered
And wanted there to fly
With planes so fast away
To stars I cannot say
Each one of them is hiding
The faintest memory
With rain that kissed the grass
And lights appearing everywhere
And crimsons singing loudest hymns
In cold comforting air
How often have I wished to be
So far away and yet so near
Incountably my desperate eye
Has wandered to the shine
Of hundreds, thousand stars above
And failed to capture them at all.
How often have I listened close
To drops of rain that hit the ground
In view of the infinities
A little splash that does not count


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