For All The Night Owls

I always say to people, when they ask me how I developed my art style, PRACTISE. That’s the keyword but I haven’t practised for such a long time. I sticked with my portraits, that’s what I’m good in and abstract art. So yesterday I started to have a closer look at anatomy and character design. Filling a few sketchbook pages I realised how very difficult that is. However, as I always say, practise.

Finally I developed a little character which was really fun and I can so relate to it. A night owl, just as I am one.

This design will be up soon so that you can get a mug or a print of it on zazzle. My store name is verenacavedesigns…

Please tell me what you think and if I should carry on doing these little designs! xx


2 thoughts on “For All The Night Owls

    1. Thank you so much! I know a lot of morning persons but never could understand how they are so active, so awake at half past 6??? Because I love to stay up late and the most creative ideas I have are developed around 1 a.m. haha
      Its great to hear that you also are like that xD

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