Young Meryl Streep


This time in my life is so extremely exciting. I had prom on Saturday, it was amazing, I got my report card and today I was finally able to apply for my studies (environmental and resource management).
Another fascinating thing was that I visited my primary school with a friend today and I met my old class teacher. We had a lovely chat with her and realised that nothing really changed … (Tati, I know you are reading this sometime, so thanks for the great time we had today xx)

And also to my class teacher (thanks so much for all you gave to me and for the support!!!) – she asked my former art teacher if I was any good in primary school and he just said ‘normally talented’ which is absolutely true. My art skills were developed in the last 3 years xD

So I hope you didn’t find these insights in my life too boring, I attached this quick little sketch for you though.

Lots of love



6 thoughts on “Young Meryl Streep

    1. It’s wonderful that you like it, thanks so much! Meryl Streep is awesome isn’t she?

      Btw I had a look on your blog and it’s fascinating to see how you improve and how you tried coloured pencils and charcoal, which is perfect! Keep going, you are very talented! lots of love

  1. In drawing, where do you start? I see a lot of artists who always start at the face shape/head. I find that hard to do so I start with the eyes. Any tips about drawing freehand? I want to copy the face that I’m drawing exactly how it looks like. Like.. when I draw Zac Efron, people would say.. “This is Zac!” Haha like that. You’re very good I can’t even haha!

    1. The eyes, that’s the key. No honestly I start with the eyes too. Funny, isn’t it?
      For free hand drawing use squares. Put a grid on the reference picture and on your paper and copy the important lines. I always start with some lines and work on the details in colour or in pencil. You need an outline first so that’s my tip for you. And use a light colour for outlining, or one that is easily erasable…
      As little children we used to print the picture, put our paper above and hold it against a window, that’s also possible. 😀 I sometimes do that!
      And that people recognise the one you’re drawing, that’s practise, it’s all about practise 🙂
      Hope I could help you at least a little bit

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