Emma Watson

Again! …  as you will probably say…

I hope I’m not annoying it with always drawing her but she’s simply amazing.

Why do I love her so much?

– She’s so clever, I mean look at her first films (she always knew the lines of Daniel, Rupert and herself xD), in school she got straight A’s and graduated from University a while ago.

– She has an amazing sense of humour, if you watch some of the interviews with her, just so funny!

– She’s a wonderful actress. From her first films (I mean Hermione was perfect, wasn’t she? I liked her as Hermione a lot although I normally prefer the characters of the books) until now.

– She’s started the ‘He for She’ Project. She has spoken in front of the UN, is the UN women goodwill ambassador and this is just so great. I love how many people kind of ‘use’ that they are famous for the good. And she really means it. She really is involved in the process to make woman be treated equally. But to the men of you, this is a good thing:  http://www.heforshe.org/

– There are a lot of more reasons why to love her and maybe you can leave some in the comments below, this is not an advert or something like that, that’s just … Well, why I think Emma Watson is awesome.

So after this long introduction here’s my new drawing of my favourite actress, who always inspires me so much and is incredibly beautiful:

emma watson 1


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