Marion Cotillard

A little drawing of the beautiful french actress Marion Cotillard with a 0.5 pen from Faber-Castell… It took me around two hours.

Marion Cotillard 1


8 thoughts on “Marion Cotillard

  1. Hawhaaaaw….oh if I could draw her decently. She is not exactly my usual “visual type,” but I was strangely smitten with her madness in “Inception.” The few times I’ve seen her, she is a bit like a Catwoman character, sort of warm and soft and cunning, luring you into her trap.

    A decent portrait though I see a hint of Meg Ryan at that angle, too. Marion has signature eyes that need to be captured in their fullness. Yes, good job with the teeth and chin/neck angle.

    1. First I have to say, thank you for writing so much. That may sound strange but it’s bad when you always get just small comments. So i was happy about the one with the teeth and now about yours.
      She’s very special. I don’t think we can put her into a box with other actors. And that’s what makes her so different to draw.. Oh in Inception, she was brilliant I think… ๐Ÿ˜€
      It’s exactly the way you described her. Warm and nice leading you into a trap.
      Well that’s possible. (Maybe i have to draw Meg Ryan the other day too, good idea ;). ) because of the face position it’s hard to draw the eyes, to make them look just like hers… So again thanks so much for your comment, getting feedback is always wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. And, thank YOU for appreciating a full comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s refreshing after years of people feeling I said too much.

        I too dislike one word or sometimes one little sentence in response when it doesn’t say much about the person’s feelings about the piece. Sure, sometimes you can sum things up by saying, “Great.” or “I like it.” But, tell us why you like it.

        Well, I might put her in a box if I find others I relate to her:) But, until then, yea, Marion C. is unique.

        What makes her “different” to draw is her face over all. She’s a bit like Uma Thurman facially with big eyes spread apart.

        Yes, she was the best part of that movie. Crazy yet brilliant.

        Just don’t draw Meg at the same angle…unless you want to see how much they look alike:P

        I know. I drew a picture of Ben Stiller at a head-on angle, a simple portrait, and it didn’t come out looking quite like him. It’s all about honing the connection between mind, eye and hand.


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