A Different Style or Why No One Understands My Art Anymore

A few weeks ago my art teacher told me, that I’m not able to understand the impressionism. Maybe she was right. I made an awful painting of a scenery, it was just one mess of colours. Then I decided to try the expressionism. You know, these people who just painted some squares and circles – and the picture is done.

Well, it’s not as easy as that… There are some pretty cool artists of the last century like Feiniger, Franz Marc… You may know them. I looked at their paintings and thought ‘Let’s try…’

Many people don’t understand the expressionism because it’s an emotion, a feeling, the feeling of painting. The feeling of expressing on a canvas what’s on your mind. That’s quite difficult. I think I can’t understand it either.

I thought it’s just like a painting of a child. To some extend that’s right. Children are great artists because they don’t think about in every detail how to paint. They do it.

My plan was to paint like them. Try to express my feelings in pictures with squares and circles. And I had to learn that many people don’t really like this way of painting. I developed some kind of different style and I don’t know where it is coming from.


So please tell me what do you think of these pieces of art…

(The first one was my art exam. We had to do some studies and then paint a big picture.)

expressionism P1040112


4 thoughts on “A Different Style or Why No One Understands My Art Anymore

  1. I don’t know that much about art, only what I like. I have a photographer friend whose wife is an abstract artist. You can see her work here
    I don’t always “get” Cary’s art and so rather than dismiss it I try to look for what I do like in it. I don’t understand it but when i gaze at her pieces I feel a sense of calm, mostly.
    I have another friend who paints watercolors and her work is mostly impressionism.
    I don’t always “like” each of her paintings but again, I will take the time to go deeper.
    I think you have a wonderful talent and you should keep painting and drawing from the heart.
    Oh..and my favorite of this are the two smaller ones under the big one. But that’s just me.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, I love the art of your two friends. You’re right, everyone has to find his own way of expressing himself in art. It’s not important if you like the work, it’s good when they mean something to you.
      For example I sometimes don’t understand Picasso’s paintings, but they are brilliant. I love a lot of them but some of them I just can’t “understand”…

  2. I’m not posting to philosophize about why other people don’t understand your art…they’re lazy and non-complex, that’s why they don’t care. As for your top paintings, I can clearly see the warmth with which you treat individual shapes that are not separate, but, while standing in different positions, join together to form a living structure that features doors for rooms inside and to roads outside of the house…the inside and outside of the building become the same spaces through these road-like lines.

    In the bottom piece I see creatures with yellow wings flying over a natural bridge to a whitish grey mountain on the other side. To see this you must envision the flying creatures in the foreground, the bridge in the middle that is obscuring part of the grayish mountain in background.

    Well done for painting from your soul.

    1. Luke, this is so incredibly nice of you, thanks so much! I always hear people say: Well, we like you portraits but the other things you paint… What is that?
      That makes me really sad sometimes because it is art just like these portraits but it is more ME. Maybe that’s what they don’t understand. Me.
      It’s wonderful that you also see those things and they were intended in that way. The top ones were a photo our art teacher gave us to make an abstract painting of. The bottom one is really a bridge (I wanted to paint a bit like Lyonel Feininger, if you want to search for this painting of him)
      Thanks again for you lovely words, it means very much to me to see someone understand art in such a great way!

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