Tom Hiddleston

A new charcoal sketch of Tom Hiddleston- So handsome, a great actor and such a gentleman!!! 😀

I hope you like it and wish you a wonderful week!

tom hiddleston


5 thoughts on “Tom Hiddleston

      1. Thank you dear! I draw myself but just cannot bring myself to upload any of my portraits. My brother just recently spilled soda all over my sketchbook and nothing could be saved:( It was so heartbreaking! I’ve had to start all over. But oh, well aha!

      2. Oh that’s so sad, i would hate it too… A sketchbook is a thing, no it’s more a part of you and it means very much.

        Maybe you can send me some of your pics via email, I would love to see them!!! xx

      3. Oh that’s a great idea haha. First I’ll have to gather my email password and stuff hahaha! I’m awful at keeping track of stuff like that.

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