Ginnifer Goodwin

A new water colour portrait after a long long time, the last one I made was of Audrey Hepburn last year. I loved the colour of Ginnifer’s eyes, I had to do a coloured portrait 😀

I took me forever to paint this, all the small lines of eyes and hair are difficult and the shading with colours isn’t that easy.

However it’s a very nice method of painting portraits and I just don’t want to ‘specialize’ in pencil drawings.

So I hope you like my work!

ginnifer goodwin


9 thoughts on “Ginnifer Goodwin

  1. the best parts of the painting are the eyes, nose and lips -w- (its good to try something different every once in a while) but yet somehow, to me, the face doesn’t look entirely lined up (like the nose and mouth aren’t in the center of the face)

  2. Love the softness in the flesh tones, light reflected in the hair, and the boldness of the color in the lips and eyes. I’m just a pencil guy … but you should be very happy with this! 🙂

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