Painting in Autumn

Here’s one of the pictures I painted in my art course last week. It’s on paper ca. 120x100cm and I will explain quickly what I did for that.

First you do a scumble with orange so that there is that shine of light. You work out the path and the trees with brown and put some first leaves on the picture. Then you use another layer of translucent yellow to show the light from the right. Last you put some yellow, red and green leaves on the top, getting smaller with the path and add the shadow of the trees.

And that’s it! 😀

It took me one day but I also worked on the picture I’m going to show you within the next days…



4 thoughts on “Painting in Autumn

    1. Thanks so much and great that you like it! I thought it would be good to add a description for those who think they can’t paint but can do and now just try… 😀

    1. Thanks Sonel! It was really great to paint with all these colours, it was such fun to just let the colours drop on the picture and see what it’s going to be…
      Thanks again for stopping by and for your lovely comments!

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