Audrey Tautou

I just made another portrait art of an actress – Audrey Tautou. You may know her of ‘Amélie’ and some other movies.

Now a little bit about the technique – It’s dry brush and I really never tried this before. For my birthday I got some oil colours from a friend and I wanted to try this strange thing.

You put a little bit of the coulour on a paper towel and dip your brush into it. Then you have to move the brush on the paper until there is only a tiny little bit of colour in the brush and then you can use it for your picture.

The Pros: You don’t need so much colour, the edges of the face and something are very soft.

The Cons: You can’t make fine lines like the eyelashes (I made them with a pencil) and it is very difficult not to take too much colour so that you make strange lines in ones face …

Oil colour on A4, time taken: around 3 hours

audrey tautou



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