Drawing lessons: Part 3 Face

Today I gave another drawing lesson about the face. I made a little tutorial for you and I will explain every step to do. I’m not an expert, a master or something like that, I just draw things, I see – I’ve never had any drawing lessons – I’m a self-taught artist!

Well, enjoy this lesson!

Let’s get started with the eyes.

First draw the shape of the eye, with the lid and the eyebrow.
Next part is the iris and the highlight, which is very important for drawing an eye. Without it, the eye wouldn’t look realistic.
Do some first shading in the iris with a few lines to make the eye more interesting.
Now draw the eyelashes. Remember: on the left side they are going to the left and are very short, in the middle they point upwards, and on the right side, there are the longest lashes.
Finally you do some shading of the lid and the eyebrow – and you finished the eye!

That was an example for drawing an eye. I think, this is very difficult, but the mouth and the nose are much more easier. Here you can see how to draw these three things.

drawing lessons face


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