Thoughts about beauty

What is BEAUTY?

In our so fast moving world, nearly every one has an opinion about what beauty is. This opinion is often caused by fashion magazines and models and so on. Tall, thin girls, guys with big muscles and all withour any faults.

But what is really beauty? What about Marilyn Monroe for example? She was a star, a really beautiful lady but today some people say: Uhh, she was fat!!!

We change our opinions about beauty like clothes. Would you say Marilyn Monroe was ugly? No, you wouldn’t because she was beautiful in everything she was.
Beauty is also a question of confidence and the way you see yourself. So don’t change for other people, if you don’t like to. Be yourself and be beautiful the way you are!

Do you think people would believe you if you always say you’re ugly, even if they’ve never seen you before? Yes, they would.

So go and do the things you want to do so that people see you and say: Oh, he/she is great and happy to be the way he/she wants to. – That’s real beauty!



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