Sketchbook publications 06/02/2013

A sketch I made today from the small city called ‘Torgau’, based on a photo I made last winter. (Drawing a picture with snow in summer is very difficult!!! :D)



3 thoughts on “Sketchbook publications 06/02/2013

  1. Oh, I bet but I guess it makes you feel a bit cooler as well too. LOL! Great sketch hon. Love it! 🙂 *hugs*

    1. Thanks a lot, Sonel! In winter you always wish it was summer, and then, when it is too hot outside, you wish it would snow… Crazy those humans 😀

      1. Oh no snow for me thank you… and I prefer cool days…not hot or cold..just cool..heheheh. Yeah, humans are crazy for sure! LOL!

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