Calligraphy – a reassuring art

A new way to calm down after a hard day, instead of yoga – Let’s do calligraphy! No, just kidding, but it’s reallly great. I love to write all these letters and get to know all the different kinds of scripts. Here are some of my tries of the past days:

calligraphy_2 calligraphy_1


8 thoughts on “Calligraphy – a reassuring art

    1. Thank you!!!!!! 😉
      But I bet, you can do it the same as I can, you just have to think in lines. For example when you write an ‘A’ you first do the right line, then the left and after that all these little lines around the letter. I think it’s very easy if you practise it a little bit.

      Have a nice day! 😉

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