Drawing lessons: Part 2 Scenery

Drawing scenery and the strange thing called ‘golden ratio’.

Today I gave a drawing lesson about scenery and the effect of golden ratio. The golden ratio is based on Phi. (instructions for constructing in the sketch on the bottom of this post)

Everything on this world is based on it – also the humans. To make it more easier you can use the rule 2:1, which helps you to make a picture more interesting. Look at this example, which is a photo, I made long time ago:


If you draw a scenery, you have to understand, what you’re drawing. The sky has to be drawn horizontally, a meadow vertically. You really have to see the lines in a picture.

To make a drawing more interesting, you have to let lines go into the background. This gives a kind of flowing feeling to the viewer.

All lines in a picture go to a special point: the vanishing point. If all lines end there, it will be a thrilling picture which involves the people looking at your art work!

1. Try to draw a scenery with a tree and a river or something like that.

2. Search for a nice flower and first draw the simple structure of it, then try to make your sketch more detailed.

Here are some sketches of the lesson I gave today…

lesson 2 lesson 2_2


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