Drawing lessons: Part 1 Hatching and Shading

For a student of my class I‘m going to give drawing lessons and I want to show you how to draw too. You will see some exercises and examples of how to draw something so – have fun and I hope you‘ll like it!

I learned drawing by myself and teached me everything on my own, so all my lessons are made just from studies and very much practising, as you can see on my blog.


First take a piece of paper and draw just lines to fet you hand in the right mood for drawing. Than draw circles and with everyone you draw, try to make it more perfect.

Finished with that? Than let’s go to


First it‘s important to know from which direction light is inciding. High parts of something are always sketched lightly and edges of things or holes in darker shades.

1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw a little square and an arrow which shows the direction of light. Now try to make a fluently transition of darkest grey to white.
It‘s very important that you first draw lightly and than make darker shades, because it‘s much easier to make a part of a sketch darker, than making it much more lighter.

2. Now try to draw a cup. The light shines on the middle of the cup. You have to realize, that the cup is round. First draw the shades vertically, than try to make them horizontal – but in curves!!!

3. The third excercise is to draw a square where the light is punctual in the middle. Draw in circles around this point and also try to make the shade fluently.

lesson 1


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      1. I am sure I will Verena. It’s lovely to be surrounded by such lovely and creative bloggers. 🙂

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